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What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2075

OEM .. original equipment manufacture

What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2078
IBM and DEC equally funded MIT Project Athena for $25m each ... it had stuff like X and Kerberos (kerberos widely used authentication infrastructure ... even windows) My wife and I did a couple audit visits to...

... however it was also sometimes used as in

OEM ... other equipment manufacture

with somewhat similar sense as

PCM ... plug compatible manufacture

in the tales about mainframe plug compatible (clone) controller

the story starts back with 2702 telecommunication controller. the university had type-I and type-III linescanners installed in the 2702 (for 2741 and 1052s). the university was getting some number of tty-ascii terminals and needed to upgrade the 2702 with type-II linescanner that supported tty terminals.

the field-installable 2702 type-II linescanner kit came in a couple big boxes labled "heathkit" (as in original equipment manufacture?).

the basic cp67 terminal support did dynamic terminal identification between 2741 and 1052 (the 2702 had "SAD" command where you could dynamically buttociate a specific linescanner with a particular port).

I had to add tty-ascii terminal support to cp67 ... and so i thot it would be neat if i could dynamically recognize tty, 2741, and 1052 including allowing any dial-up terminal to connect to any dial-up number (in practice this nominal met that there was rotary with a single dial-in number ... and the box would find the first unused number-port).

it turned out that 2702 had a hardware restriction ... while you could use the SAD command to dynamically buttociate linescanners and ports ... there was a hardware restriction that required the line speed oscillator to be hard-wired to specific ports. This wasn't a problem for 2741s & 1052s since they operated at the same baud rate ... but it was a problem to include TTY terminals since they operated at a different baud rate.

that sort of kicked off a university program to reverse engineer the mainframe channel interface and build a channel interface card for a minicomputer (started with interdata-3) programmed to emulate the 2702 (but handling both dynamic baud rate and dynamic terminal).

What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2080
kerberos started with userid-pbuttword authentication as an infrastructure function ... and then handed out tokens-credentials regarding what authentication had been done. some number of applications that...

somewhere there is a write-up blaiming four of us for the PCM clone controller business

What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2076
Eric Chomko The PDP11 line through the J11 was open. OEM's could and did buy the 11-73, 11-53 etc and use them. The T11 and F11 were...

the single interdata-3 morphed into cluster with interdate-4 as main processor and multiple interdata-3s as dedicated linescanners. interdata was later bought by perkin-elmer and the box sold under the PE brand. I ran into somebody in the 90s that claimed that they had made quite a good living in the 80s selling the boxes into gov. installations. They made some comment that the mainframe channel interface board appeared to not have changed at all from the original one that had been done at the univ. for the interdata-3 in the 60s.

so the PCM clone controller business has been blained as motivating factor in the future system project

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What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2076

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What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2074