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What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2090

Hm. Seems that I was reading the wrong system's manpages again. The other one didn't go into that much detail.

At any rate, a whole bunch of things typically found on a Linux desktop installation (laptops too) do seem to cause access time updates. I count three separate laptops running different desktop-oriented Linux installations in this room right now. I gather that's exactly why the option has become popular.

Right... but from what I read on mmap, it seems that it'd be technically not at fault even if it had done something that'll require an access time update, if it hasn't unmapped anything yet... well, on Linux it says that a reference will update it, but on, say, HP-UX, it's only "marked for update" ...

What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2091
When I did the FreeBSD VM mgmt algorithms (upgraded from the original MACH stuff), I made sure...

Which is of course beside the point.

What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2093
I understand what you are saying, at least in terms of it not mattering for writing correct code...

No, I mean, it's perfectly normal to return an error if it can't write. Nothing weird about that.

What is weird, at first anyway, is that the thing says that you haven't read your mail in months or even years, right after you exit your mail reader and even deleted a bunch of stuff from the mailbox. And that's something I've seen happen with noatime.

And then there's all the other weird stuff that can happen over NFS or other networked protocols. Oh, sure, it isn't supposed to do that, but that doesn't always help much. (And a network sharingvar-mail is so much fun already when it's homogenous and working properly... how about when it's neither of those two?)

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What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2091

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What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2089