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In the mid '70s I was put on temporary buttignment to a project that was way late (had already been announced with no design). The other young engineer (we were both...

At a PPoE I worked once from a Thursday 7:30 a.m., round the clock, to late Sunday night, only taking out a couple of 1-hour breaks to go home and shower; and I took a 4-hour sleep break when everybody else refused to work (despite triple-time) early on the Sunday. Being on a salary, I didn't get any extra pay; just an earful that it took so long to get finished.

That employer now has no less than 5 full-time staff trying to do what I did. Only half the job gets done...

They also dismissed my idea of having workshop staff work four days at 10-hours (actually 9.5) and then take a 4-day break. to make better use of the existing capital equipment. Two "shifts" could then be employed with a significant increase in output over paying a smaller crew an average of 20 hours a week in overtime.

That compared to the 4-4 shift cost average of about 48 hours; once shift loading was applied. But the boss reckoned that the bods on the floor didn't like to be at home with SWMBO.

So he was stuck working at about 70% manufacturing capacity and contracts falling behind schedule. -- "Bernd Felsche - Innovative Reckoning, Perth, Western Australia ASCII ribbon campaign "Laws do not persuade just because X against HTML mail they threaten." and postings Lucius Annaeus Seneca, c. 4BC - 65AD.

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When Does Folklore Begin 4170

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