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In the mid '70s I was put on temporary buttignment to a project that was way late (had already been announced with no design). The other young engineer (we were both salaried) got his head bent when he found out the technician working for us was making about $1000-wk, net. We were making 1-4 that. My atbreastude was "good for him", want more? Technicians liked working for me. ;-)

Another time ('90s), I had a young engineer work for me who liked to stroll in somewhere between 10:00 and noon. He'd work until at least 10:00PM so works was getting done. My manager didn't like his lax atbreastude, until I reminded him that it meant that we had perhaps 16 hours coverage for system test.

We also only had one set of hardware, so he would test what I'd done at night and leave me a list of discrepancies for me to correct in the morning. In the afternoon we'd go over the list together (often it was a misunderstanding of the spec) and make sure any problems were fixed, then he'd go off and beat up the hardware some more that night. The boss still didn't like it when he didn't show for (useless) department meetings, but work was getting done.

One Friday afternoon at about 4:00 we got a call from the system test floor. They ran into a stop-test bug and called us out to fix it. I turned to Doug and said "handle it", and waked out to my car. My manager said "NOW I know why you've been defending his work hours". I smiled and kept walking.

Manufacturing here has four shifts of 4-3-3-4 12 hour days. I wouldn't be happy working 12 hours every day but three or four days off in a row, every week, would be nice.

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-- Keith

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