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Where is balance Academic priorities 316

Del, et al,

Academic priorities 317
The type of beginning statistics courses usually taught makes it almost impossible to ever learn statistical concepts. Certainly, decent concepts rarely appear. To learn anything correct about statistics, one must already know...

As part of teaching my kids to be able to act normal, they each received about 2 years each of public school, a few months at a time. During one such stint, my son was the smallest kid in his grade and became the target of bullies, so I sent him to school with stainless steel police-style handcuffs and a legal brief explaining that under the state consbreastution my son had an absolute legal right to carry them. Horrified, the principal asked my son to detach the cuffs from his belt and put them into his pocket, which he did, but then my son refused to discuss the private contents of his pocket! The school administration was out for two days trying to find a way to "deal" with the cuffs, only to finally determine that my son was completely within his rights.

My son then went around with an entourage of kids looking for lawbreakers to citizen's arrest with his cuffs, but no kid was stupid enough to be caught by such vigilantes. This completely solved an ongoing violence problem for the entire school, over the unspoken objections of its administration.

The problems of "zero tolerance" are simply a lack of sufficient firm legal challenge. It wouldn't last a day if I put my kids into such a school. Police and lawyers would attend their legal entry while they carried everything that should have been excepted under the "zero tolerance" rules.

Steve Richfie1d

Academic priorities 318
Probably the "standard" solution using a square root. Even when it is wanted to find the solutions, describing the process sufficiently to carry it out...

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Academic priorities 317

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Where is balance Academic priorities 315