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Where should the type information be 201

I wouldn't really know about that, we just might be ahead in coffee brand recognition...

Where should the type information be 202
Possibly. McDonalds changed their coffee way before our social status was measured by coffe brand usage. This was...

Apparently both. It seems that corn isn't one of those where the typical allergy-causing substances can be gotten rid of easily in processing.

Both are possible, from what I can tell - the cold-pressed canola oil has less manufacturing-related residues, but more leftovers of the plant itself, and... well, many people have problems with the taste and-or smell.

Apparently there's also a difference betweenBrbuttica rapaandBrbuttica napus-, both of which I understand yield what's called "canola" ... but they're so close relatives as plants that this was unexpected and the medical research folks are running a project on it.

Exactly why it would have been unexpected is beyond me, though, after seeing the different reactions my sister got from three different varieties of farmed strawberry, and the local wild strain.

It's more complicated than that, the artificial fertilizers can also add to the mix and then there's soil absorbtion and... it seems that with some plants are rather more sensitive to such than others, too. Beans were generally supposed to be among the less sensitive, though.

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Where should the type information be 202

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