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Where should the type information be 332

Where should the type information be 333
Obviously. The problem was not either of these terms; it was what you meant by them in context. As noted in other posts, this abbreviation is...

I'm not sure that the US' symptoms are caused by that. I'm beginning to play with the cause being specialization which has an unfortunate side effect that designers are so boxed into teensy little black boxes. Thus, they have no idea that there exist other boxes just next door that have already dealt with the work. One of the negatives about specialization is that one can very easily rightly state, "Not my problem." This would cause big chunks of work to never get done. This will cause a detriment in efficiency, production, and lack of infrastructure maintenance and development. We are watching the dismantling of hard-software infrastructure right now but I don't anybody realizes it.


I'm not sure what you mean by power socialism. Is it possible to tell me without spending too much of your time on it? think

Yes! Thank you. One of these days, I may grow up and be able to describe what I think in 100 words or less :-).

IME it wasn't an "issue". IME it was impossible to teach the technique. There is simply no way any OS, that has to handle interrupts, can be coded without leaving the machine in a "wait until an event happens, then react" mode.

I had exactly the same problems when dealing with what I had called compiler-thinkers.

May we talk about your "catch-throw" term some more? I don't understand to the point where I can't think of a question to help you respond.

Yea, well. I'd use them as guinea pigs if they were that hide-bound. :-))) I'd better add that glyph.


Subtract a hundred and four for e-mail.

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Where should the type information be 333

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Where should the type information be 331