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Why I use a Mac, anno 2006 3728

I expect so, because he's absolutely correct.

OSX is relatively secure. There have been proof of concept trojans-virus-worms written for it. It's especially susceptable to the sort of human engineering approaches which have been used so successfully against MS-DOS and Windows. Specifically, since the users think they're bullet proof, they'll do things which are risky.

No, not at all. There is currently no MAC hacker sub-culture the way there is for PCs. Specifically because the return on investment (how many machines you can enslave or screw up) is such a low number.

It did, indeed. But even if it were far more secure, it would still be the prime target because it's the largest target. If you want to be a pain in the butt to the computing public do you target the platform in use by 95% of the users, or 3% of the users and which, by the way, IS more difficult (not immune) to being broken in to.

No, if Macs had 95% of the market, nobody would bother to break into Windows. It wound't be worth the effort.

Why I use a Mac, anno 2006 3729
but never ever found in the wild. big difference. you mean the kind where a hacker brakes into your house and looks for post...
Why I use a Mac, anno 2006 3732
Wegie Windows wasn't designed to be put on a network from the get go. Windows became the dominant platform over time. The Mac shed market share, like...

yet has created a way into it, it's THAT

Incorrect. Do a Google or Yahoo! search on "OSX virus." There have been proof of concepts, there have been human engineering approaches. They work. They're just (1) harder to do and (2) not (yet) worth the effort to the hackers.

It has everything to do with marketing share. Apple releases security patches for a reason. They KNOW that someday someone bright enough is going to turn their attention towards the Mac, despite the smaller target, and produce a virus tool kit, such as those available for Windows, and the ride will be on. They wisely want to be as ready as possible.

To paraphrase Van Helsing "The strength of the osx hacker is that people will not believe in him."

I keep wondering when people post messages such as yours if they're not really the product of a nascent MAC hacker culture and these messages are intended to lull the MAC community into complacency. I keep thinking that nobody could be that naive. But then I remember that I deal with people pretty much daily who ARE that naive, and they're using Windows, and environment where there could be no doubt that the danger is real.

I'm please Apple itself doesn't seem to believe the hype, though the recent TV ads give me pause.

- Bill PS: No, I don't expect to change your mind. You see the world through apple-colored glbuttes. Your faith is sort of inspiring.

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Why I use a Mac, anno 2006 3729

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