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Why Was: US Military Dead during Iraq War 1000

Why Was: US Military Dead during Iraq War 1002
Colonel Forbin k... empowerment: Temporally speaking it's a buzzword most commonly used by groups that contain the words "Rights" or "Equality" in the breastle; such...

And allowing a sales manger plus two engineers to cook up a product noone thought of because everyone thought it trivial; "every customer would do that inhouse if they wanted that". Turned to 10% of revenues after 2 years; and was almost free to produce.

I have never had a job for more than 6 months where I didn't write the job description myself.

This implies a static organization where salary keeps running no matter what happens. In my world this never happens. I usually insist on a bonus part for all people involved. The bonus targets can be very easy; like attaining fine nines uptime on a service, completing project deliverables on time etc. It also forces the organization to work professionally in record time.

Why Was: US Military Dead during Iraq War 1004
Yes. Those Islamic extremists do not have the corner market on stupidity. The US has a similar problem with Xians. I think I'm the only one who is...

Suddenly a manager will have not just his manager, but all his employees on his back if something turns up late.

It tends to focus people's minds.

I have been at many such places, and they are pretty easy to break up. You just have to be very clear at what you do.

OTOH; my first car was partially financed by a project to reconstruct buttembly source (from the binaries) for a project where the author split without leaving anything behind. I even ended up making a simple translator to machine-port it to a different architecture.

They misunderstand job security. This may work for a year or two, but I have never been in any organization where such things aren't discovered in reviews.

Why Was: US Military Dead during Iraq War 1003
That is because you are using a completely wrong meausuring stick. AFAICT, the age-old conflict...

I am more inclined to like the guy who was superflous, but took on procurement with fervor; and documented to Debt Management that he obtained rebates of more than twice his own gross salary doing this (in addition to his normal chores). He kept this up for a decade, squeezing out rebates everywhere; with a target of at least twice his own gross salary in new rebates every year. THAT is job security. IFAIR he met that target 8 of 10 years, and was only slightly below the remaining 2.

Why Was: US Military Dead during Iraq War 1001
Colonel Forbin I've gathered (not really having my finger "on the pulse" for the short period I was there) that Bell perceived the development teams' organization as a...

-- mrr

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Why Was: US Military Dead during Iraq War 1001

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