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Why does my address appear as part of my name 2498

Why does my address appear as part of my name 2499
rpl Thanks a lot! I have already read through your answer, but I need more time. It sounds new to me as...

Well, mostly because the problems you're wondering about aren't a problem outside of web-based services such as Google.

"Faithful to Usenet" ?

Google is scraping Usenet for their "Google Groups". People who post to Usenet *as Usenet* pay for the privilege (or have it included in their ISP fees).

It's long been the practice of some small www sites to include a newsgroup feed to-from the site. Some of them even start and host a Usenet group themselves. Note that I said *small*. A recent poster in another group commented that the same people seem to have joined all the sites that she did.

Why does my address appear as part of my name 2502
On 17 Nov 2005 01:39:43 -0800 Sure but if Google were to become the only way to post to the groups then they could censor the posts...

With Google's acquisition of DejaNews (a large Usenet service), they've basically just blown it out and they're doing so outside of the normal operating parameters of Usenet.

Why does my address appear as part of my name 2501
Steve O'Hara-Smith Yes, I see. I have had a computer since June 5, 2001, and it took me some time to learn which side is up...

For starters, the web interface sucks.

For midders, they're retaining every post ever made forever; normally a Usenet poster could count on a couple months or years at most. I don't need some jackbutt armed with a web-browser questioning a statement I made a decade ago. Or for that matter, somebody who they've conned into thinking that the service they provide belongs to them.

and organizations that I don't mind having that kind of access.

Last but not least, it's an excuse for ISP's to drop NNTP services which may reduce Usenet to being a wasteland of pirated binaries groups.

If they provided a free nntp service, I (and the rest of the world) would be tickled pink. For myself I don't even mind that they're allowing Searches on Usenet archives, but posting ?

YGBFK. Even so, check those "good writing" posts; did they originate from Google ?

cite please.

Whoever told you that is lying or mistaken. Please take the time to look up the following concepts...

"Usenet", "newsreader", "news service", "mailing list", "bulletin board"(BBS), "web-based".

Google is pirating my Usenet posts and everybody else's from the last twenty years to use in their commercially sponsored site in a bid to kill the existing system that already works quite well (better, actually) and subsbreastute their own and make money. Your questions were specifically related to how Google operates their web-based news interface.

And I answered those questions in my previous post. Again, any questions concerning the web-based interface should be directed towards the web-based interface provider.


Hmmm... anybody know why those small sites or e-mail lists don't simply run an NNTP server ?

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Why does my address appear as part of my name 2499

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