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Why does my address appear as part of my name 2499


Why does my address appear as part of my name 2500
On 15 Nov 2005 01:03:25 -0800 Google is just a web site fronting a search engine, albeit...

Thanks a lot! I have already read through your answer, but I need more time. It sounds new to me as to perspective. I thought that the world was Google and that besides there were little planets more or less dependent on Google. You seem to think that the world is Usenet, and that Google is some sort of a blackhole? that is swallowing up your planet?

and like others who have unpleasant womaned at me before, you sound as if the issue were of a moral order.

(I am writing down the term "web-based" which I have seen in some web mail ads. I knew of internet and intra-nets, but I thought all was web based. I am telling you this, not for you to answer or correct, but to make you see that there is more than one way to skin a rat or to imagine how the world works. Mine seems to have been wrong or incomplete.

Yes. It sounds as if to you Good and Evil were at stake. They normally are.

What do they get in return?

What advantage is there? Or should I be altruistic? No problem, but for whom? Why? Political reasons?

Why does my address appear as part of my name 2503
It's worth remembering that Usenet existed before Google, and all that's happened is that Google have decided to (a) archive publically available stuff on Usenet, and (b) make that archive...

?? do you mean to say that Google is about to eliminate Usenet?

Why does my address appear as part of my name 2501
Steve O'Hara-Smith Yes, I see. I have had a computer since June 5, 2001, and it took me some time to learn which side is up. To beginners it is immense, so there...

(I will have to look up "web interface" to understand this remark.)

But I find it very nice to be able to look up what was said or thought so many years ago. Besides, I believe that you can delete your own messages from the Google files

"pirated"? "binaries"?

There you are! It is a moral issue ! But I do not understand why Usenet is morally superior to Google.

I had to look this up (at Google). Not nice. I am not kidding.

I will try. As you know, the so-called "original message" contains lines and lines of identification.

Can't. It was not the point of a message, anyway, but what I made of it. Thus for instance, I have been "plonked" many times by all kinds of people (and once I was declared anathema by a Catholic priest.) I imagined this meant that henceforward they would not see me in their own private letter box. I could not see that their plonking had any effect visible to me or to the "naked eye".

Yes. Of these I have already looked up "usenet" quite a few times, and I saw the same groups, the same messages, the same authors as here, the same thing! Even the same categories! So I thought it was diddledee and diddledum again, Pepsi and Coke. The only difference that I could perceive was in the presentation (colour, space allotted, formation of "tree")

now I understand your term "pirating". You seem to mean that Google had no right to take hold of your messages and put them in their files. Is that it? But would the breach not be your Usenet's carelessness or collusion? If Usenet has your files and Google is allowed or enabled to take them, who is to blame in the long run?

Thanks a lot!

I do not mean to say that I got it clear now, but I think now I know where to look next.

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Why does my address appear as part of my name 2500

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