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Sigh! To enforce their brand of socialism, they had to involve government. This becomes a flavor of communism. It's a work pattern, that's...

This reminds me of a rather funny incident. Sometime in late 70's at one of the international trade shows in Moscow I saw a gadget that apparently outputted ASCII in sequence to the screen, and made some smart-butt remark. The firm rep overheard, and asked if I do know russian standards for coding. After I admitted, he got excited and brought a thick book containing, it seemed, all then-current national ASCII encodings. Opening the page for KOI-8 (then Soviet standard), he asked if this is what we use. I admitted as such. The guy became quite upset, started muttering about awful Soviet custom of clbuttifying all and sundry, and finally exploded: "You cannot use this! No one in their right mind can use this for data processing!" He did have a point: the code uses transliteration for characters placing, so code order for cyrilllic was #32 #1 #2 #24 ... (numbers show alphabetical order of cyrillic letters). Of course, being USSR, we did use this code on Soviet clones of System-360 (and occasional VAXen) for data processing (it is still used, also not as the standard). Every sort imposed performance penalties, but in socialist economy - who counted? ;-)

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More of a pain in the butt than not supporting diacritical marks at all, but supporting diacritical marks is mandatory now. Sure you can sort. It's not as easy...

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