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Sigh! To enforce their brand of socialism, they had to involve government. This becomes a flavor of communism. It's a work pattern, that's all. I don't care what you call it.

I was talking about how people got things done. It appears that an economy based on spreading the wealth, with the addition of human beings doing this spreading, can only make it work by pbutting more and more edicts which has to be done in the governing branches of society. Some places start out with keeping the economic socialism separate from politics (and thus, power). But as more problems with distriubtion occur, more laws and rules and resolutions by the governing part of society occur. The society gets a communism creeping in. (I don't know other words to use to convey my meanings.) I look at work patterns.

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More of a pain in the butt than not supporting diacritical marks at all, but supporting diacritical marks is mandatory now. Sure you can sort. It's not as easy as it was in...

Yes, and how does one force people to give up their wealth? That takes government. When politics gets involved, the economy is controlled by politicians. Isn't this communism?

It may make everybody feel good but that is only temporary. At some point, when the alcohol runs out, everybody will have a hangover on the morrow and have no idea how to fix it because they've been imbibing rather than learning how to get things done well.


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