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Morten Reistad I meant that the Executive (Comission and Council of Ministers) is in Brusels, the Judiciary (European Court of...
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There was more to it than carisma. The ailing President, who was well past being mentally competent, signed away the country. It would...

Brian Boutel

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Thanks. It depends on the culture. A million adults standing in that square doing nothing was enough for...

Back in the late 1970's DECUS Europe was rotating its annual conferences between several countries. I remember how convenient it was for me when they held it in Copenhagen. Seeing the materials I brought back to the office persuaded my boss that this sort of meeting actually was useful, so he let two of us go to the next one, which was held in Monaco. It really was intended to be in France, but at the time, France was insisting that any international conference held in France must have French as a-the official language and provide real-time translations to French of any lecture not given in French. DECUS was wise to choose Monaco instead of Paris. The Monegasque had no problem hosting an English-language conference. My colleague and I booked a cheap package tour to Nice and took the train to Monaco every day.

Several years later, I was working in California, and my new company1 sent me to Brussels to support a deal2 that Digital in Luxembourg was working on with the EEC (now EU) administration3. When the DEC people discovered that I was Danish (i.e. non-US4) they asked me to go to Sophia Antipolis (Nice's silicon valley) over the week-end to meet with DEC's Euro support people5. It was wonderful to get to go back and revisit some of my favorite places.

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That is all about marketing. You cannot "just" have a protest, you must capture the imagination of the silent majority; persent good video and sound bites to...

1 ACC - At the time it stood for buttociated Computer Consultants, although it was not a consulting company, and not a group of buttociates. A couple of years later it became Advanced Computer Communications. When it closed in 2002, it had become a division of LM Ericsson. 2 This was related to X.25 support on VAX-VMS systems. Digital's support of X.25 was somewhat clunky, and pretty much confined to using X.25 as a link in DECnet. We had an X.25 board with an on-board Z80, and could either provide an API to applications that wanted to open X.25 circuits, or (with a different board set) allow VT-100 terminals to either access the local host as normal terminals or connect to remote hosts using X.29 PAD protocol across any X.25 network. 3 EEC = European Economic Community, or more commonly within Europe called "the common market". The main bureaucracy was divided between Brussels, Luxembourg and Strbuttbourg according to rules I never figured out. 4 At the time, France was cracking down on Americans working in France, and anything other than a tourist visit by an American required a visa application which would take at least two weeks. Apparently, this was the reason that the meeting was originally scheduled for Brussels and-or Luxembourg. 5 What they really wanted to know was all the specific protocol profile issues of our X.25 implementation. X.25 had lots of incompatible options, and implementations had to be tweaked, tested and certified for each network they were to be attached to. Most of this was just silly stuff to make life hard for imported products to put them at a disadvantage when competing with the local companies, but some of it was real (are acknowledgements local between the DTE and the local network node, or are they end-to-end). They would like to test our equipment. The Belgian network was very informal and only worried "will it work". We had shown that it would. The German network (built by Siemens) could actually work with just about anything, but you had to submit a technical profile (supposedly developed during acceptance-approval testing) and if you then ever violated it, they would kill the link!

Lars Poulsen, still in Santa Barbara, CA

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emoticon rereads what it wrote You appear to have skipped that little word, economy. One man cannot do this unless there is a public consensus. This applies in all kinds of governments. Notice...

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