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Right. In this case the distribution had already been done to the store in the other country. So why does an alien have to bodily travel to that other country to purchase an item that was in its catalogue? All I've been trying to say is that Britain's long-term exclusivity after WWII was detrimental to its productivity, properity and future innovations. A socialist control of these things has a negative effect, especially with funding, capitalization and investments. Note that I am not trying to say there should be no controls. I'm trying to say that 100% control is bad, very bad after a decade that is not in an active war economy.

Yes, I was trying to stay specific so that we wouldn't drift completely out to sea. :-)

Exactly my point. When a country does this for everything, innovation and production goes abroad because there is absolutely no reward for staying at home.

WEll, of COURSE! Why is it that this is a sin? It is how the world has worked ever since the amoeba gulped a diatom.

XBOX 360 2601
Of course we do. But we're not so loudly two-faced about it. So do the rest of us. That's one of...

And the opposite is also true; the US will not be told how to run their affairs. This is not wrong.

Note that these examples are new products. Are there any that are old tech?

Is this US or the other country's restriction? Let us leave cell phones out of the discussion because it is currently a very complicated issue.


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XBOX 360 2601

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