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I thought for a fact? I took an educated guess. Allowing in inspectors to make sure that...

It is now a civil war in Iraq.. According to reports, the US has already buttured the warring factions that they are just trying to save face now, so the struggle is all about the post US situation. The general position seems to be that the old Turkish area of Basra will be a Iranian controlled area, the Sunni area around Bagdad and West will be controlled by the Arabian's, Kurdistan will be controlled mostly by Iran, and a lot of people stuck away from the areas controlled by their groups will either have to move fast or disappear. A very dangerous time for the world.

Most of the person attacks now are Sunni attempts to either split the Shia groups, or set off the (real) Civil War before the Iranians and Shia Iraquis are ready. If nobody has noticed, the New Iraqi army, which has been set up by the US, is actually a proxy for the Iranians..

In the meantime, two of the poorest countries in the World, Eritrea and Ethiopia are preparing to go to war over a bit of ground that wouldn't nourish a goat.. But then, they have no oil

-- greymaus

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They didn't exist in 2003. Nobody could find any. That wasn't unexpected. If the UN inspectors hadn't been forced to...

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