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Nobody, especially mbutt-liquidateing dictators give a poo about your needs either, Larry. ;-) Even if we don't care at all, we should try to understand why you (or MMD) mis...

I rather doubt that this is the one you think it is ;-)

The typical militant religious extremist culture's aim is a peaceful existence when there are no contradicting religious groups left.

The "continuing struggle" kind of cultures are a whole another kettle of fish. Typically they seem to have more patience, unless seriously threatened.

Now, which one do you think is more descriptive ... ?

You know, I think I once saw a pacifist pamphlet apply a very similar categorization to all regular militaries too. And from a certain point of view, it is quite valid.

Besides, at the other end of the scale, it doesn't take much in the way of infrastructure. An isolated angry young man can quite possibly decide by himself to become a dissolution planter. This happens every now and then. (Wonder why they seem to be almost always male... or is that just a misperception?)

Well, you do get quite noticeably emotional every now and then. buttuming that your mind worked like "most people's" ... which is nothing if not an overgeneralization, and often false at that, but it's also something that is almost impossible to completely avoid.

Mind you, there's also the emotional response to someone "getting emotional" and that's where it gets complicated.

Well, you regularly react to certain issues the way some people do when they're afraid.

Not buttuming is occasionally very hard, you know.

He might be suggesting that your definition of "enemy" may not be ... optimal.

I rather think that most people wouldn't be quite that sane.

Self-preservation should never be an emotion. It should be either an instinct or a conscious decision. The instinct is often triggered by emotion, though.

What, tell you the obivous untruth that the relevant electorates would be guaranteed to be sufficiently informed to spot that particular problem?

-- #Not speaking for my employer. No warranty. YMMV.

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XBOX 360 2645

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