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I meant the governments will start destroying each other more quickly, Israel included. The cost of which are the regular people underfoot. I don't know though, with a couple exceptions I think the governments over there are probably more interested in oil money than deposing the west. If anything saves the situation it'll be that I think.

I have faith in people, not in governments and particularly not in those imposed and funded from the outside. Oh, Iraq will have a governement but its not going to be pretty, and its not going to be one US will like to be buttociated with.

Sure. I hope they get a chance to start one soon rather than the one the US wishes they would have.

If you're going to provide well-defined property law, you have to stop the shooting and killing and torturing first. Once we succeed in that, then the easy things like ownership and business are possible.

With reconstruction budgets cut because the country can't be secured? With secret prisons and torture- this coming from the west which makes such a big deal about "rule of law"?

C'mon BAH, I know you're a fan of Bush but Iraq is such a sad mess. Wait till we start our pullout and observe all the money and labor we've put in there come unglued as the budding warlords (trained and equipped by us) start fighting over the country.

No, it shows a group of people dancing in the streets, perhaps burning flags and spouting propaganda. For any given event such as Saddam falling there are people for and against it for all kinds of reasons. Inducing from a street demonstration about what a "majority of people" are thinking is rather a leap. There is no question Saddam was unpopular but that hardly justifies the invasion. Bush is also now unpopular, should Canada invade and depose him?

A "datum" from prime-time tv news? I'd trust CIA reports before I trusted the news outlets for anything more than sound bites and photo ops, its too bad I can't get them.

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Yes, I'm serious. Why do think I'm very worried? Sigh! Let me try to explain in English ASCII (I fail at this often). The anti-Bush politics have become so extreme that this tone is...
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I think your tinfoil hat is on too tight today. The problem is he is an idiot...

If you mean its ironic that a person who grew up under the soviets, knowing what thats like, can now that he lives in the US, critisize the US for doing the sorts of things that the soviets did and not go to jail, I'd reply that being able to do such things is the whole point of the first amendment. The Consbreastution is not there for the government's convenience, its there to keep a leash on it. Doesn't seem ironic at all to me, its an example of the US Consitution at work.

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Please remind Bush. I gather that he has the same grasp of the "separation of powers" as did Joh Bjelke-Petersen. Bush...


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