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Please remind Bush.

I gather that he has the same grasp of the "separation of powers" as did Joh Bjelke-Petersen.

Bush and Bjelke-Petersen both fulfill the primary role of a government head; to distract from the real machinery of government.

Western governments can make themselves the victims of populism. They are especially vulnerable if they operate an adversarial parliamentiary system.

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Bernd Felsche At least we know your opinion of the troops. You don't think they were keeping their eyes open for suspicious looking stuff? A chemical shell or...

Such systems, even when they are "cast in stone", are still malleable as evident from the grand coalition of parties in Germany; which is like a coalition of your Democrats and Republicans to form a government because they can't get a clear majority by themselves. (Mbuttive potential for foobar as soon as the first spanner is thrown in the works.)

Rubbish. It's tribal, not Islam.

Saddam managed to keep them bottled up; just like breasto worked in Yugoslavia.

It is in a dictionary 1913 Webster

A more appropriate term for getting competing and conflicting tribes to form a nation is either "subjugation" or the alternative of degrees of "Balkanization" (e.g. Federation of semi-autonomous States).

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I don't have to because we have the Consbreastution and it is still working. I don't know who that man is. We don't have that kind of system here. Then you are looking at...

Although Balkanization doesn't automatically squelch conflict; witness the devolving former USSR; it satisfies the striving for an idenbreasty and self-determination of diverse ethnic groups that are geographically concentrated.

I try not to under-estimate the stupidity of people. Honest. I've seen people throw blanks into camp fires. And recruits pick up "dud" mortar shells on a firing range less than a day after being told that that was a really bad idea.

That's "the devil quoting scripture".

This "encoded in their religion" could be applied to all Judeo-Christo-Islamic groups. It's in the Old Testament, isn't it? Consult a professional god-botherer if you need details.

Power-hungry or vengeful people seeking naive minions to do their dirty work are not the monopoly of any religion. -- "Bernd Felsche - Innovative Reckoning, Perth, Western Australia ASCII ribbon campaign "Laws do not persuade just because X against HTML mail they threaten." and postings Lucius Annaeus Seneca, c. 4BC - 65AD.

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