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Be vigilant. Yours is fragile. Imagine GW Bush with charisma. Joh (and his cronies) ran the State of Queensland (Australia) for a very long time. No coalitions? Parties need absolute majorities to...

I don't have to because we have the Consbreastution and it is still working.

I don't know who that man is.

We don't have that kind of system here.

Then you are looking at this too closely and need to step back a little bit.

I know it is in the dictionary. I have acquired a cognitive problem where my eyes can be looking at something but my brain never registers it. I think it is a side effect of the disease I have.

Islam didn't have a concept of nationalism until around the time Nazis took residence.

You are not understanding what I'm writing at all. I don't know how to reword my English ASCII to convey what I'm talking about.

No, it is not from the pov of these extremists. They gift wrap their aberrations of the Koran and Islamic code of law with words of "good old days".

My point is that Islam has not grown out of this state yet. Islam is at the stage that Christianity was when Popes fought each other and used the resources collected using their religion to fund their acquisitive natures.

Yes, they are. As a people become educated and begin to think for themselves, then those power-hungry people lose their monopoly of religious control. Why do you think Islam has all these problems today? The religious heads are losing their power. People who have TVs and commercial broadcasting no longer need an Imam to tell them which shoes they are to wear.

Only the Judeo-Islamic groups are told how to live. The Christians lost this almost from the beginning. Over the years Jews have figured out how to live with their religious constraints without government reinforcement. Islam has not and is currently going through the throes of learning this. The extremists don't want to change and are rewriting the Koran and Islamic laws to force people back to the old days. It is impossible for them to do this since they have to change the rules they say they want to reinstate.


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I'd bet that 99,900 out of 100,000 wouldn't know a WMD or facilities to produce them from a bakery. The average grunt is...
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Bernd Felsche At least we know your opinion of the troops. You don't think they were keeping their eyes open for suspicious looking stuff? A chemical shell or rocket...


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