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Yup. Since he was merely going to read the paper there wasn't any sense in spending that time...

I'd bet that 99,900 out of 100,000 wouldn't know a WMD or facilities to produce them from a bakery.

The average grunt is only just sufficiently trained to not get shot immediately by the enemy.

Now you're talking weapons in general instead of WMD. Do you have a clue?

What palm trees? They would indeed have been napping at every damned opportunity; especially if they were well-trained infantry.

You pulled up a number of 150,000 ... which was quite clearly a trojan number. Why didn't you state 1200; which was the size of the ISG.

The report includes only a report of UNMOVIC. It is not the total knowledge of what was known.

I note that the report closes:

We have now an inspection apparatus that permits us to send multiple inspection teams every day all over Iraq, by road or by air. Let me end by simply noting that that capability which has been built-up in a short time and which is now operating, is at the disposal of the Security Council.

UNMOVIC had 260 staff as stated in the report. Hardly an "acorn" compared to the ISG's 1200 "oak tree".

Look; I told you not to look because you'd be upset. So what do you do? You get upset.

I'd take the "diplomatic" approach to lies. If somebody tells a lie, then they are not automatically a liar.

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On Sat, 14 Jan 2006 04:10:53 -0600, Larry Elmore Me. After someone in this group described Syria as a `fundamentalist (sp?) Muslim state', and...

They may have been misled to believe a lie to be true. e.g. as Colin Powell claims.

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Bernd Felsche At least we know your opinion of the troops. You don't think they were keeping their eyes open for suspicious looking stuff? A chemical shell or rocket is...

Liars are only those who knowingly tell untruths in the knowldge of untruth and with the intent to deceive.

So you want Syria to be on the list of nations to plunge into civil war? -- "Bernd Felsche - Innovative Reckoning, Perth, Western Australia ASCII ribbon campaign "Laws do not persuade just because X against HTML mail they threaten." and postings Lucius Annaeus Seneca, c. 4BC - 65AD.

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