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Bernd Felsche

At least we know your opinion of the troops.

You don't think they were keeping their eyes open for suspicious looking stuff? A chemical shell or rocket is hardly different from any other, except for certain markings, but anything found was certainly reported upward to be looked at by more highly trained people. Barrels filled with stuff -- people were called in to determine the contents. Underground or disguised facilities discovered in a search (many were found this way), again reported upward. Everybody expected stocks and facilities to be found and nobody wanted to accidently die from peeking in the wrong barrel. Do you know anything about what our soldiers were doing in Iraq?

Okay, so you've never ever seen pictures of troops on patrol in Iraq and you're going to tell me what they see in many of the habitable places?

Well, no poo. But what the f*** do you think they're doing the rest of the time? You know, what's tiring them out so that they need naps, you utter twit?

Inspectors aren't the only people with eyeballs and on the lookout for anything suspicious. Who the hell do you think pointed out a lot of sites for highly-trained inspectors to look at in detail? Our troops are hardly the barely-functional sub-literate morons some caricature them as.

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On Sat, 14 Jan 2006 04:10:53 -0600, Larry Elmore Me. After someone in this group described Syria as a `fundamentalist (sp?) Muslim state', and being in...
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Yup. Since he was merely going to read the paper there wasn't any sense in spending that time doing something that could be put off for later. I'd...

Because of course the situations were exactly the same, and the troops in country, well, they're apparently little more than trained monkeys and despite the fact that they're the ones that actually found a number of hidden facilities, and also chemical weapons, both in this war and the last, they don't count for anything.

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Fortunatly the french conferences never descended into such silliness. Some sessions had to be translated from french though. One of the sessions...

Well, I think Scott Ritter is a liar. I think he was compromised in some way. But that's just my opinion. You can believe him now if you like. I think eventually know the reason for his very sudden, very complete about face years after he was out of the loop and it probably won't be pretty. Until then, go ahead and believe he's an honorable soul. Maybe he is, but his actions smell to me right now.

I'd sure as hell like to see buttad overthrown. Who wouldn't, except Friends of liquidateous Dictators?


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