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big endian vs. little endian, why 1956

over a year ago, i bought a dell dimension 8300 with mulbreasthreaded 3.4ghz processor, 4gbytes of memory, pair of 256gbyte sata drives with sata raid controller.

i've observed my first personal computer was a 360-30 ... the univ. would shutdown the machine room over the weekend and i got the whole place to myself from 8am sat. until 8am monday (it sometimes made it a little difficult going to monday clbuttes after being up for 48hrs straight).

in anycase, the 360-30 personal computer had 64kbytes of memory ... 2**16 ... and nearly 40 years later ... i have a personal computer with 4gbytes memory ... 2**32 ... an increase of 2**16 in memory size over a period of nearly 40 years.

big endian vs. little endian, why
I very much prefer big-endian. The first byte-addressed machines (or any machines, for that matter) that I...
big endian vs. little endian, why 1959
You need to look at the hardware implementations. Back when transistors were much more expensive, a lot...

i've periodically complained about the machine getting sluggish with mozilla tabs ... i have a default tab bookmark folder that i regularly use ... click on it and it will fetch 130 some-odd urls simultaneously ... then i start selecting other URLs (into new tabs) from the original 130 (and deleting as i go along). somewhere around 250 open tabs ... things start to really bog down.

nominally opening a new URL in a new background tab ... should go on asyncronously to what you are doing in the current tab. around 250-300 tabs ... the browser just about locks up while fetching the new URL (and you may also start getting browser popup messages about things getting sluggish ... and you have to click on the popups to clear them, which is really annoying).

it isn't starting to page ... real storage in-use will have maybe 500-600mbytes in use by the browser ... with a couple gbytes still free.

big endian vs. little endian, why 1957
Yep- I have 8 Powerpc sbc's running the lab, console access is by rs232, 9600N81. The great thing...


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big endian vs. little endian, why 1957

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big endian vs. little endian, why 1955