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blast from the past on reliable communication 3337

... some more, this time from oct89, also mentions NSWC (naval surface warfare center) and NOSC (naval ocean systems center):

An intense effort is centered on the evaluation of multicast strategies. In coordination with NSWC, UVA researchers have collected a library of multicast information, based on mechanisms, applications, group management, metrics, and multicasting with XTP. A report, "Strategies for Multicasting", is being written.

In parallel, another study is evaluating aspects of protocols that allow latency control for real-time control systems operating over LANs. A survey of priority mechanisms has led to the concept of "importance" of dynamic message delivery. One comment is that "importance" doesn't carry the baggage of "priority". The Sort Field in XTP is under careful study, with a UVA report resulting, "Making XTP Responsive to Real-time Needs".

An XTP Tutorial is being written, and will be available to the TAB soon.

A contract from SPerry Marine calls for development of SEAnet, a real-time LAN for commercial ships.

Sperry Marine is also sponsoring a SAFENET I test system, with XTP running over an 802.5 token ring.

NOSC is sponsoring a SAFENET II effort, attaching VME systems with FDDI.

NSWC is sponsoring performance measurements, LAN recommendations, and prototyping.

NASA Johnson is sponsoring an evaluation of Space Station networking, prototyping, and analysing tradeoffs between ISO protocols and real-time systems.

... snip ...

blast from the past on reliable communication 3338
another historical item from the period; part of old corporate XTP position memo (1sep89): Communications Standards Development: ------------------------------------ Position - Oppose for...


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blast from the past on reliable communication 3338

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blast from the past on reliable communication 3336