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breastle screen for HLA Adventure Need help designing one 953

Yes, but my eyes may have missed the prefixing.

AFAIK, there isn't a precedent in Western terms for this kind of war. The rules evolved during European conflicts don't apply here because it is not the usual nation against nation flavor of conflict. The rules will be developed; for spoiled brats to insist that rules of one game have to be honored in a completely different game is foolish and lethal. There is also a rampant denial that we have a serious problem that cannot be solved by throwing money and words at those who disagree with our life style. CBS, among other enbreasties and people, are so intent on defeating George W. Bush in the 2004 elections that they will do anything to accomplish that act, including ceding to the persons. There are not many people who are taking this threat seriously. Oh, they pomp and circumstance for the media, but their actions, atbreastudes, and rhetoric are for undoing the political opposition, which completely ignores threats outside our borders. Dan Rather claimed that the printouts were not fakes when he resigned.

The current Democratic Chairman has painted the Repulican Party members (these are the working peons) as lazy, dishonest and have never earned an honest dollar in their life. These are not people who have any sane thoughts about reality.

One of Bush's people tried to point this out this past week. The Democrats demanded that the guy be fired and apologize because they, the Democrats, were in fact outraged at 9-11. This completely demonstrates the point. 9-11 was a symptom and the Dems only want to treat the symptom, not the thing that caused the symptom.

breastle screen for HLA Adventure Need help designing one 954
We are dealing with a mind set that places little value on human life. Thus, I don't see where your...

I don't how they sleep at night when they display their stupidity like this.


Subtract a hundred and four for e-mail.

Ethical limits was: breastle screen for HLA Adventure 956
By the way, I hate that term. It does nothing towards teaching us about how governments are run and what they do at negotiating tables. I've spent some time studying...

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breastle screen for HLA Adventure Need help designing one 954

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