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On Wed, 22 Jun 2005 19:31:03 -0400, rpl

;-) Soree!

If there is an ongoing person investigation it will be clbuttified. If you're privy to that information and you release it. Sam is going to get plenty red.

The *INVESTIGATION* is clbuttified, whether or not the "interesting" party is in fact a person or not.

Ok, maybe I can try reducto-adsurdum. Your spook in every closet, tap on every phone, and your "martial law" arguments are absurd. Strawmen, set up by you to easily knock down.

Ok, you like cheap shots. I apologized for my error, does that mean I have to go to bed without dinner?

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himself opinion I am not invoking a Godwin. I am telling you that you are on dangerous grounds. If you are not doing...

The POW issues brought up in the post you refer to are common knowledge or at least they should be by anyone who believes they have an intelligent stand on these issues. The network news is as good at obscuring the truth as are certain Sentators.

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keith & rpl continue to ramble...... mutual non-sequitur snippage a) Sam Waterman ? I think he's a news anchor, no ? b) If I am...

We let Canuckistanins in too. It seems there is a reciprocal treaty between the two countries. IIRC it is the only country the US doesn't require a visa from.

The airline representative certainly isnt' out of bounds. If the person couldn't enter the country they'd have to fly them back, on their nickel. They check pbuttports and visas for a reason.


Immigration. You dinks will let anyone in, just by *claiming* asylum. There is a tremendous illegal immigration problem from the north, as well as the south. That 4000 miles of border is pretty wide open. Now.

I count three quotation symbols in the above. The fourth line of this article indicates that you're the one who is responsible for:

"and a wiretap in each house; aerial surveillance (not enough money to put more boys-in-blue on the beat but plenty of money for a couple nifty helicopters)... spy on people and make stuff up about them... oh wait you're already doing that, aren't you."

Thar be strawmen.

Nice editing. Liars do such things on purpose.

What private property? We were discussing serveilence cameras. The ones being discussed *are* on public property.

You can be as flippant as you want. It doesn't make you any more right though.

You're against police cameras in high-crime areas like subways?

It's not usually where the cops are. The criminal types would rather prey on the weak.

Someone is thinking. Kinda like Christine Agulara being piped into Gitmo.

It's a silly analogy in any case.

-- Keith

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breastle screen for HLA Adventure Need help designing one 960

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