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cold war was : Cray1 1741

It was the mid to latter 50s the town got opened up. There are books about this over in the Bradbury Museum. And maybe the Atomic Museum in ABQ.


cold war
Wow! I met a modest number of those guys: Kistiakowsky, Manley, Bradbury, Fermi's wife, Feynman, Bethe...

Phil Morrison and his wife were quite something to behold in the 80s. He and Frank Opp. were always available in the Exploratorium. He wrote great columns in Scientific American. He was always going around in his wheel chair and most people only saw his face on camera.

No had had ever heard of Norris Bradbury or Carson Mark to any great degree. Ulam was only really known in academic circles. Strauss, while he once held military rank and was a salesman could be put in his place by guys like Eisenhower. And reading about Generals like LeMay can only give you a bare sense of what his power was (he attempted a run for office).

Teller was far from perfect.

Depends who came to target's defense. He had the upper I think NE corner of B111 at LLL (this is like 25% of the floor). I recall something like 3-4 Macs (mostly 2s) there the last time it was open for a Family day. The last time I saw him about about 1994 or so when the Pauling family asked me to convey a message after their dad died.

cold war was : Cray1 1742
Of course not. But the vast majority were not targets. By the early 50's Los Alamos had a working population of...


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cold war was : Cray1 1742

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cold war was : Cray1 1740