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cold war

They made Pu-239. This is where neutron contagioning was learned. They were kin to ORL. One nice history book exists about them.

It's selection was an interesting choice (20 mile radius)

Less was known of Stalin and Baria. The US prioritized our enemies.

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On Sat, 30 Sep 06 09:44:34 GMT in alt.folklore.computers, Not much seems to be publicly known...

A Unified Europe didn't exist really post cold war (but agreements like the UN, NATO, and later the EC-EU were precursors: where "Europe" ends: you have to ask Turkey). In nuclear physics outside Germany and Italy most people were content to stay put. It was only the Fascists who drove out the various minorities who could get out when they did and suppress their opposition. Fermi wasn't Jewish, but his wife was. Clearly the US benefited from him, and he's the kind of guy who did well here. The spectrum varied.

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Eugene Miya Our productivity kept well up into the late 60s when 0. European and Japanese economies had recovered to where they could easily compete 1. Vietnam war limited the government funding available for general...

Some very smart people stayed in Germany. Some were Nazis. Others weren't (they were just along for the rid: you would have to enumerate every scientific field at the time including chemsity (made nerve gas), aero (jets, rockets, etc.), mechanical engineering (armor and guns), electronics (radar and computers), naval engineering (subs, sonar, surface ships (carriers in particular), biology (fuzzier: sure war tools, but more people die from disease than wars so just keeping healthy was warfare), and so forth to see advances, culpability, politics, etc.

The Curries stayed in Paris. Bohr and son got out during the war. I think the US lucked out because the particular brand of very empirically based science we have here (e.g. Lawrence) even if our theory was comparatively weak (why all good physicists (and chemists) did post-docs in Germany before the wars, why we had language requirements for advanced science degrees, etc.). Fermi pushed graphite block as well as the grad students. Szilard by contrast refused to get his hands dirty. But we could have never had nuclear energy with0ut both of them, and all of them made mistakes; it was a cooperative effort.

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So you can't say, eh? I would give you to 68-68 plus 1 (also Vietnam...


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