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No, I'm saying that we could put a gal to work doing extensive edits with just a little bit of instruction. It was...
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snip Got it. Thanks. snip Well, my point was that I didn't understand what you meant by "think in characters", nothing about whether...

Probably not according to your definition of Real OS -- this was with some version of Unix (not sure about version, but this was about 1989, and I was using a text terminal to remotely log into either either a Sun workstation or a VAX, so whatever would be likely for that platform-time). And I would think I would have tried ^C, that being the way one interrupted most programs in that environment.

So, are you saying that the TECO you're talking about would be usable with no tutorial or instruction at all? or with no tutorial, but the 3x5 card? Just out of curiosity, what would be on that 3x5 card? I strongly suspect -- though I could be wrong -- that one could make up an equivalent 3x5 card for emacs.

As for being usable with no documentation at all (which perhaps you're not actually claiming), well .... Maybe the TECO you have in mind was different from the one I fell into, but you know, at the time of the incident described above, I had been doing text editing on mainframes and minicomputers, using a variety of edit programs, for about ten years, and if I couldn't figure out how to exit TECO, hm, this would seem to me to argue against its being novice-friendly.

I don't mean this to be as argumentative as it's coming across, by the way -- I'm really curious. My impression had always been that TECO was powerful but not exactly novice-friendly. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) You seem to be saying otherwise. Hm!

(I suppose it would also be interesting for me to track down a TECO that will run under Linux and try it out. So many such things to do, so little time .... )

-- B. L. Mbuttingill ObDisclaimer: I don't speak for my employers; they return the favor.

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