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Barb left one command off the 3x5, the C command to move by one character at a time.

All TECO (non-I-O) commands accept a numeric repebreastion argument, so 3c is move cursor right 3 chars and -5c is move cursor left 5 chars. line with the C command, which you sometimes want to do.

So if you've just inserted the string "I wnat to corerct htis", you would move back to each error with -nC and correct with -2D:

iI wnat to corerct htis$-2c-2dith$-6c-2dire$-11c-2dian$$

and Robert's the male sibling of one of your parents, or spouse of same.

So, "think in characters" (or in character *counts*).

case 0L moves you to the beginning of the current line.

You didn't have the 3x5 card, maybe?

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On 25 Jan 2005 15:19:11 GMT in alt.folklore.computers, Then try decoding Minsky's Turing machine simulator for education. As Barb pointed out elsewhere, TECO is great for editing streams of text, and supported matching predefined...

You want to point out that the Meta- prefix does for words what the Control- prefix does for characters, and you're pretty much done for the 3x5 card.

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Brian Inglis (snip) Here is the program I used (with some output formatting deleted), written in TECO...

Of course, the on-line tutorial, from within Emacs, covers all that in about 30 minutes.

No, TECO is not a line editor. Its origin was a a correcting editor for use with paper tape, a sequential non-line-oriented medium.

Line editors are things like SOS or Wylbur or TSO EDIT or ex, where you first have to tell the program what *line* to go to, and then issue commands to affect that line. Changes cannot work over line ends, so you have to have commands to join and split lines if you need the context present in adjoining lines to define a change.

Emacsen are "screen editors", where you can move from point to point on the screen to set up your next edit without regard to lines or characters, though they show their TECO heritage in the commands to get there. The various forms of vi are "screen editors" as well, but show their ex line-editor heritage. (Remember that vi started as the Visual Interface to ex.)

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