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my pc 4571

my pc 4572
Sorry, folks, couldn't resist...) Yes, there is a wonderful program, called TIME. Please be advised, though...


Of course, I agree. But he did post here, and the energy involved in the replies was twice the energy needed to simply give him an answer. Why not something like "This wasn't the group for this question, in the future post elsewhere, but the answer is lovexx"?

BTW, I envy your GPA :)

I was more or less ejected from high school the instant they determined I had annexed sufficient credits to graduate. My GPA was 1.7, but my SATs were 800 (math) and 740 (English), which I later upped to 790 ( was trying for 2 800s). I was 16 at the time, and my parents were heading off to Israel for a 4 week visit. Dad told me to decided what I wanted to do about college, as soon as their car was out of sight, I headed down to the local USMC recruiting office. Due to the war, they never asked too many questions, and by the time my parents knew what was up, I was gone.

My dad often said that it was at that point that he realized that I was somewhat insane, being that while most of the nation was trying to go to college to avoid the war, I went to war to avoid college. Dispite the injuries I suffered and the pain and discomfort I live with now, I have never had an instant of regret.


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my pc 4572

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