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i still have 3-4 (360 reference) green cards (GX20-1703) as well as two 360-67 "blue" cards...

"You still controlling it?" I asked. I was imagining microscopic tendrils sp ieling out of Joshua like the fishing line in my rod. Roland Lanois, Montreal born, Eton and Oxford-educated, was cultured, sophis ticated, witty, had great taste and an industry-wide reputation for being th e most polite producer in the business. Most people who met him buttumed he w as gay. In fact, he cut a swath through his leading ladies like a harvester through a wheat field. Hollywood folks just aren't used to heteroloveual men having any sort of culture. My own suspicions were also far-fetched, but not nearly enough for my own co mfort: I thought that Michelle, in her depressed state, might have pulled th e straws herself, in a melodramatic and not-too-well-thought-out dissolution att empt. Either she expected Miranda to come back and panicked when Miranda did n't arrive on cue, or she was sincere, and halfway through realized that suf focation was a nasty way to go. Either way, that's when she got up out of th e chair. "Be prepared to be peeed off a little more," Carl said. "Brad Turnow's on h is way over."

IBM 7090 Music Clip
Philip Nasadowski Brings back memories. I still have my vinyl copy of "Music From Mathematics", Decca DL9103 (mono 33 1-3) that I got as a Xmas present in the late 60's from...

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IBM 7090 Music Clip

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