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Yes you are. You keep slyly changing the topic around.

I also worked at another site which was where I handled cards. I'd never heard the word DEC at that time.

I'm surprised you are still alive. What did you do? Give the group an impossible job and then unpleasant woman loudly because they got one character wrong?

Since we are talking about a job that hasn't been punched, let alone proofed, this has nothing to do with anything.

f*** you. Do you know who you sound like? Cutler.

And you never listened to their expertise either.


No, cross reference listings. GLOB was a global cross reference.

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No, it was a cross-reference utility. I learned early on that a good cross-reference listing was not a luxury, but a necessity. I wrote...

How many times do you have to be told that DEC did not do cards? My card work was in a completely different shop.

You sure as hell was.

The group I worked for did this work.

The very first course for the kiddies to take was a FORTRAN II programming course. It's main objective was to train everybody all the processes of going from idea to answer. This included punching up your own cards. But, as you have conveniently forgotten again, the job was a multi-box program done by yesterday.BAH

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Charlie Gibbs Well the IBM Compilers and buttemblers provided very good Xref output, and you could always...

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