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the new math: old battle of the lovees was: PDP1 3609

Be careful. People who favor "higher" to basic tend to ignore the obvious because base instincts are a "sin".

European rules of war conduct became prevalent within Western civilization. Morten told the story about a king or somebody who did his kingly duties when he should have been in bed and then died because he didn't take of his illness. Something tells me I've misremembered.

old battle of the lovees was: PDP1 3611
Cant get a reference on the jailing thing, but are said to “want to import the doctrine...

Anyway, European rules of behaviour are rigid, difficult to change. One of reasons the US' involvment in WWI and WWII is that our sentiments were to get things done rather than put on airs. The only reason Attaturk(sp?) was successful in getting Turkey to survive and recover from the Ottoman dissolution was because he had never been trained of court behaviour. So he cut through all the bullpoo and got stuff done.

That may be because you're male and I'm female. When you're a female, you tend to pay attention to this kind of poo.

old battle of the lovees was: PDP1 3610
I'd take it with quite a bit more than a shaker of salt, because it doesn't match with my experience - either my own or my children. Ah. The "new math". That was...

I try not to. I try to learn about context of those other cultures. I also remember that I am unable to think within a foreign culture and so do not try to predict how they will react nor how they think.

My statement about the love perversions is from facts of the extremists' behaviour and comparison to their history.

I never heard that one.


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old battle of the lovees was: PDP1 3610

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