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Sorry, your right. I buttumed a piece of jargon would be understood but that was a bad buttumption on my part. I'll try to explain it better. down 2957
Morten Reistad Eeeeuw. I recall similar warnings re. "dirty environments" and "carpets". We had a MicroVAX II that...

Remember (or look below) I said it took more people. Here's why. You have a splicer at the break. You have a man at the origin point of the cut cable (usually a telephone frame room) and another at the destination point of the cut cable (also usually a telephone frame room). We will acll these points A, B and C, thus:

Origin Break Destination A-----------------------------B-----------------------------C

Man at A puts tone on pair #1 Man at B uses Inductive Amplifier to hear tone and identify pair #1 coming from A Man at C puts tone on pair #1 Man at B uses Inductive Amplifier to hear tone and identify pair #1 coming from C Man at B splices that pair. Repeat for every pair in the cable!! down 2956
munch .. In a big cable, the wires are 'structured'. First into bundles of 25 pairs, then into bundles of bundles, then bundles of 'bundles of bundles', etc. The components of each bundle are 'twisted together...

Now, doesn't that sound like fun. :-)

Sorry, I have never thought that. I have known to many women who could do as much with hardware as I could. I have even known women who were pole monkeys just like I was.

I was just being funny. I know it isn't magic. Any more than it was magic when technology let the automobile replace the horse. We used to splice fiber by hand (and even then we fused it electrically) where today there is a machine that can do the job automaticly, faster and to a higher level of quality. Not magic, progress.

:-) bill

-- Bill Gunshannon de-moc-ra-cy (di mok' ra see) n. Three wolves University of Scranton

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