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Morten Reistad


I recall similar warnings re. "dirty environments" and "carpets". We had a MicroVAX II that quit working when it was moved just a short distance. It seemed the slight jostling must have dislodged some of the dust bunnies that had built up inside the case. Don't know exactly how they were preventing it from running -- no smoke was coming out -- but vacuuming them out fixed the problem.

(Also had to vacuum our KL's backplane a couple of times. I wondered if it would be better to have a metal nozzle or plastic -- former might conduct any stray voltage from the rest of the vacuum, but plastic might build up a charge just by itself. Can we say "fear and trembling"?)

Our worst foreign object contamination incident happened when the AC repair folks installed a new AC. This involved cutting copper pipe, leaving little piles of copper shavings on the ground under the raised floor. They swore they would clean up the little piles. Perhaps we were not explicit enough that they should do this before turning on the AC. You can see what's coming... As was standard, the AC pulled air down, and blew out cool air under the raised floor, which was then sucked up into all the boxes. This was a big honker AC, and generated quite a stiff breeze. The repair folks turned on the AC "to test it" before cleaning up. Woosh! Little copper shreds all through the equipment. down 2958
Brian Inglis might have said: In my experience the house wiring was colour-coded using standard quad (two pair) or three, four, or twenty-five pair...

More vacuuming for Pat. down 2959
Bill Gunshannon I remember a 4 party line at one time. But I also remember when I picked up a phone I heard some woman ask "number please". Dial phones came to this area in...

-- Pat T. down 2960
On Tue, 14 Mar 2006, Christopher C. Stacy I'm embarbutted to admit it, but I didn't know about pulse...

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