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Yes, there of course are specifications pulse speed, make-break ratios, inter-digit time, as well as minimum and maximum loop current, both for what a dial mechanism should generate and a broader set for what the telephone switch should accept as valid.

Note that a "flash" signal and the on-off hook state are also detected via pulsed loop current, and any invalid signaling state (e.g., a partially dialed number or a flash) that is followed by a continuous offhook condition is going to be sent to a "treatment". That will almost always be a "fast busy", but could be a recorded announcement too.

The only way this all applies to the story at hand is that a dial most likely is within specifications, and users can rightly buttume the number dialed will be the number connected to; while anyone using the hookswitch to dial is lucky if they get anything other than a re-order treatment caused by out of specification pulsing.

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The point though is that there is no state, signal, etc. etc. that will in any way confuse the switch or any computer connected to it.

Granted though, the results might very well confuse the person handling the telephone... down 2964
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