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the earlier 3033 had a hack on this in the late 70s related to 24-bit addressing. instructions were 24-bit both real addressing and virtual address. i've commented before that...

the post did describe a case where virtual memory was used to address fragmentation problem

some subsequent drift on this thread in a.f.c.

i had done a bunch of the paging stuff as an undergraduate in the 60s ... which was picked up and shipped in cp67 product.

decade plus later there was some conflict around somebody's stanford phd on global lru replacement (work that i had done as an undergraduate in the 60s) vis-a-vis local lru replacements. some past posts mentioning the conflict.

i had also done this stuff with dynamica adaptive scheduling (scheduling policies included fair share) ... and scheduling to the bottleneck

much of it was dropped in the morph from cp67 to vm370 ... but i was allowed to reintroduce it as the "resource manager" which became availble 11may76

around this time, i was starting to notice the decline of relative disk system performance ... and significant increase in amount of available real storage ... and being able to start to use real storage caching to compensate for the decline in relative disk system performance

i started making some comments about it and the disk division eventually buttigned their performance group to refute the comments. the performance group came back and observed that i had slightly understated the problem.

misc. past posts on the

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virtual memory 4516

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