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what's the difference between LF Line Fee and NL New line

With Teletype machines (e.g., model 15 and model 28) in the days when most Teletype circuits ran at 45.5 baud (60 wpm), the keyboard provided feedback to set a rhythm for the operator. When a key was pressed, that would *lock* all of the other keys in the up position; then when the letter had been typed-sent, they keyboard would *push* the key back up and then unlock the keyboard. Hence there was no typeahead, but anyone who could type at 60 wpm could sit there and bang out text at *exactly* machine speed.

However, the tape punch alone (e.g., on a 28 ASR) could be driven, and then the keyboard would run at something like 150 wpm, and the lack of feedback was very difficult for those used to it.

Likewise when a Teletype operator moved to a typewriter or to a computer, that lack of feedback was a very difficult adjustment.

what's the difference between LFLine Fee and NL New line 4452
Dennis Ritchie I am not aware of any operating system that *doesn't* allow the user to end a line of input by pressing just...

In 1960, for the 9th grade I attended High School in a district with 3000 HS students. They could not figure out how, in a four year program, to put a *boy* into a typing clbutt, even though they had one every hour. I was frustrated and furious, but had no idea how to fight that.

Fortunately, my family moved and for the 10th grade I was in a different school district. This school had about 500 students in High School, and I initially buttumed that they would be if anything *far* less flexible. They only had 1 typing clbutt per semester. When I asked about a typing clbutt I buttumed, since I was registering just a couple weeks before clbuttes started, that I would again be told there just was no way to fit me into a typing clbutt...

Much to my surprise, the fellow said, "Sure! When do you want to take it? Hmmmm... we can put you in either the first semester or the second semester, which one would you like?"

(Hey, in 1961, being one of two boys in a clbutt with 20 girls was *really* fun too!)

These days I occasionally visit a pre-school clbutt (which happens to be in "the most expensive per square foot school ever built in the US", thanks to Prudhoe Bay oil dollars in the 1980's). They teach 3 and 4 year old children how to keyboard. I also often escort a 4 year old on trips to the local library, and watch him sit down to a computer and bring up games on the Internet. He can't read yet, but...

what's the difference between LFLine Fee and NL New line 4454
re: last week of jan68, three people from the science center came out from the science center to install cp67. at the time, cp67 had support for...

Mind boggling.


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what's the difference between LFLine Fee and NL New line 4452

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