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I'm not familiar with that gear so I can't help point you to an idea. I do know that your qualification of the software having no restrictions is specious.

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Don't Worry, be Happy! There are only two kinds of contraints in the known Universe: physical constraints and human constraints. The physical constraints cannot be violated. The...

So will any gear that doesn't have a bounds check. There are always solutions. Given my lack of knowledge of Windows and Intel hardware and peripherals, one solution is to pack up the EXE and the data and ship it off to some other site, have it executed, and the results shipped back. There is always a solution. In the olden days, this shipping was done via a card deck, an automobile, and humans walking.

OK, then we are talking past each other. I do not know how to resolve this problem.

Oh, yes. Stopping some projects is like trying to stop a waterfall.

I'm trying to give you examples, not The Answer. There is always never The Answer.

How are you guaranteeing that there is one, and only one, task?

So? Fix it. A person writes a piece of code that does a very useful thing. S-he gives to a couple of friends who give it to a few more who all use it to do thier day work. More and more people start to use it, and POOF! you have everybody using it. This is how any biz gets started.


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