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Reload? Or do you mean replace? A reload loses all the ongoing data such as current...


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crapping I think it's more of how we peer at the computing world. You have hardware glbuttes and I have software glbuttes. If either of us borrows the other...

It was mentioned that some things simply do not work unless you are SU. Example, and I know there are others but have not encountered them: with Word 97 on Win-XP, spell check does not work. I suspect this is because Word wants to open the dictionary but can't because users have no write privilege to the directory where the dictionary lives. Heard a talk by a guy from M$, and this sort of thing is a well known frustration and will be fixed in Vista, the next release of Win.

Re multi-user behaviour, XP works: A computer I use often is a year old HP (so I named it HipHop). I often listen to interned radio, and do programming writing whatever. My daughter wants the computer, so we switch users. She logs in and does stuff while my programs sit in the background and run, e.g. the music continues. Meanwhile, from a different computer my wife can access files on HipHop and other daughter on her computer can print to the laser printer on HipHop. There is only one keyboard and one screen on HipHop, so only one person is at the computer, but I think it qualifies as multi-user (OK, four is not a large number of users).

I do think Linux is better but there are issues with drivers for scanners, printers, cameras, and so on. I have four computers on my desk with a KVM switch, average age over four years: Win-XP, Suse, OpenBSD, and Win-ME Red Hat dual boot.

Don C++ e-mail: it's not not, it's hot.

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