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Yep. :-). I've been thinking about this ever since JMF and TW did SMP. No disruption or no restarting? The...

Ok, but we were talking about Windows' registry, which is not a pointer (FAT), but an ordinary file; a database file, if you will.

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Reload? Or do you mean replace? A reload loses all the ongoing data such as current program counters of each process, contexts, minute but important counters as date-time stamps. They should first work on...

Ok, but the "registry" is *not* a pointer. It *is* data.

It doesn't. It is a *file*. It is not part of the filesystem. It stores configuration data for the OS *and* applications. Applications read and write this file.

There certainly is. If the registry is mucked, configuration data is lost, but the file system is still fully functional.

Perhaps in TOPs, *not* in Windows. Once the registry is corrupted *everything* must be reinstalled, since all configuration data is lost.

Correction: It *also* happens if the FAT is trashed. If the Registry is lost a reinstall of all software is required to get the needed "keys" back into the registry. If the FAT is lost then the pointers to all data (and of course programs) are lost. Either will cause a reinstall of programs.

I do, however know enough about Windows to be suitably horrified.

No! I've not talked about losing the FAT (of course that's going to lose *all* files). Losing the registry will cause a complete reinstall too. The registry is (more or less) a user file.

Oh, I know enough about LoseDoze to talk at least at this level. ...been bitten. :-

-- Keith

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