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Yep. :-). I've been thinking about this ever since JMF and TW did SMP.

No disruption or no restarting? The former may be impossible unless you don't define disruption based on wallclock time.

Sure like a relay race. That's shouldn't be hard to do. Hard is defined as the stuff my bit gods found impossible to do. :-)

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No, you got it all wrong. The "three R" of NT-Administration are, in order: 1) Retry 2) Reboot 3) Reinstall some also add a fourth...

I suspect you have to be very careful about how you spec the "computing service context package" (best I can do with a newly madeup term) that is going to be handed on. It's easy to do with tightly-coupled multi-CPU systems that allow different CPU architectures at once. Didn't ITS do this with KAs and KIs?

Do you mean like the jump instructions that save the PC at relative word 0 of the called routine?

Since Multics' number one high priority was security, that sounds like a good thing.

Sigh :-) More cybercurd. I'll get at all that sometime. Life seems to keep intervening. I f***ed up and went the grocery store recently. I think I've caught their f***ing flu shot bugs. This means that I'm going to be sick 8 times over.


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winscape 2282

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