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Fascinating. Thanks. The standard joke(s) about TSO make more sense now.

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No, not even Redmondware ist that bad. This three step list is just the more...

When I was using it (mostly for preparing and submitting batch jobs and checking their output), it seemed to me to be plenty good enough. But then, my standard of comparison was batch submission on cards, with output appearing on paper some time later, and TSO was so clearly better than that ....

I also did some work with buttembly programs, using .... Oh yeah, I do seem to recall that interactive buttembly and link was clumsy. But TEST was a big advance over poring over core dumps.

I have often heard people say that CMS was better for interactive use. Maybe I didn't use it enough to appreciate its merits, but to me it always seemed sort of unpleasantly PC-ish. I think it might have been the minidisk idea, which I never quite got my head around. If only there were more than 168 hours in the week, it would be interesting to try it again -- surely there are emulators out there such that one could do that on a Linux system. (No need to point me; I'll Google.)

Leaving the rest in since it's good stuff ....

-- B. L. Mbuttingill ObDisclaimer: I don't speak for my employers; they return the favor.

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