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No, not even Redmondware ist that bad. This three step list is just the more escalation order of things to try to get stuff working again.

One of the many problems of Redmondware is that lots of people are under the impression that with MS, a monkey can admin a server and so he usually does. At a former place of employment I had to explain things like MX records and IMAP to an Exchange (MS Mailserver) admin who apparently never heard of such strange things. Left me shaking my head in disgust and disbelief.

Also MS apparently hasn't heard of proper error reporting: more often than not, the error messages produced by Redmondware are along the lines of "poo happened, don't know what or why". Very useful this is - not.

There also is a serious lack of proper trouble shooting tools - where UNIX comes with stuff like strace-truss-ktrace0 (and some even with ltrace1) and debuggers able to analyze core dumps, for MS platforms you either have to collect this from 3rd party vendors or shell out serious money. And even then it is usually "nice" GUI-based stuff. Now how do you grep a GUI again?

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Right. Note your use of the term "lead to". It is a result of a mere bit distribution center pretending to be an OS developer. That is because this is the...
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No. But NT & Co. have a tendency to become so seriously wedged that blowing it all...

All this seems to lead to a particular mindset. Where admins normally would debug the problem and fix it, Windows admins usually try to make the symptoms go away. And if this involves rebooting servers daily, so be it (been there, seen that done as part of daily operations).

Regards, Alex.

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It's the "indexing" and "background fragmentation" that do it. M'Snot-NT appears to periodically "optimise" hard drive layout by shuffling stuff around. I built a testbed machine with...

0 system call tracer - a godsend, really. Many problems of with uncooperating software where solved after looking at the system calls it does 1 library call tracer -- "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." -- Thomas A. Edison

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