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No. But NT & Co. have a tendency to become so seriously wedged that blowing it all away and reinstalling the whole mess is considered easiert that making it work again. You don't need filesystem damage for that, just a sufficiently FUBARed config.

Oh, not every time. Maybe I should explain the order of escalating measures in more detail:

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It's the "indexing" and "background fragmentation" that do it. M'Snot-NT appears to periodically "optimise" hard drive...

0) $STUFF stops working 1) since this is Windows, which is not required to be deterministic, you just try again ("retry") 2) if that didn't work, you just reboot the machine - this is standard "problem repair" on windows (and a horrific idea to somebody coming from a HA environment where machines had uptimes of a year or more and only went down for serious reasons, like booting the new kernel (new as in: more bugs fixed) or changing hardware) 3) if rebooting didn't magically make the problem go away then you just give up and reinstall - first the offending application and if that doesn't help the entire OS 4) if you are finally sufficiently peeed of at this sorry excuse for an operating system blow it away and install one of the free unices

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What an awful thing to say to a person. :-) Seriously, that seems unlikely. I started out...

Regards, Alex. -- "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." -- Thomas A. Edison

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