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It should; I was too optimistic by many, many decimal places. Stop right here for a second. Since you only did some flavor of software, you never saw what work...
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snip Not at that company, no. Correct. So, you're telling me that experience developing (or maintaining) application-level software gives essentially zero insight into the "work flows that have to be done...

Could be.

Maybe I'm going into too much detail here, but that ".001% of the business" bothers me.

What I described above is about half my "real-world" experience; it was with a small company (about 200 employees total) whose product was mostly-for-mainframes software. I suspect that the size of the company meant we could sort of get away with not having well-defined formal procedures for some things that would have had to be done in a more structured way in a bigger company. (I say "sort of get away with" because the way we operated seemed to work okay in practice, but perhaps having more formal procedures would have worked better; I didn't and don't know enough to say.)

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Yes. Especially applications. App people have absolutely no idea about how to solve a computing problem for the general timesharing public user...

The other half of my "real-world" experience consisted of what I'd call vaguely sysadmin-like work with IBM mainframes. Only about a year or so of this was with a group responsible for supporting a production system; the rest was .... a job difficult to explain out of context, but mostly what I did was figure out how to merge o-s upgrades coming from IBM with local modifications, but not in the context of supporting a production system.

I feel like I learned a lot of interesting and useful-in-context things in these various jobs, but .... Yeah, a broad view of the software business wasn't really among them.


-- B. L. Mbuttingill ObDisclaimer: I don't speak for my employers; they return the favor.

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