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But only if you fill out a form and the offenders can find you. And they do not try very hard to find you. The money to be distributed to those that can't be found becomes a permanent float. Here in the US, after n years that permanent float gets transferred to each State's coffers.

Example: My foolish father paid out a lot of money (in those days) for stupid life insurance where each child owned the policy and the beneficiary was the parent. I finally got this mess out of my hair by cashing in the policy, which was not easy. Then I gave the folks the money (it was theirs, they should have it and the interest). So, I brushed my hands off, paid the income taxes and thought I done with this corner of finance. Nope. Turns out the company went "public". The way it became public was to distribute shares to each policy owner. Now think of all the owners over the last 75 years who can't be found. That is a huge float. And this company did not try very hard because they knew who I was and where I was a year after the public offering from my cashing in the policy.

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the internal net had been larger than the arpanet-internet from just about the beginning until approx. summer '85 recent posting on some aspects of internal network i've...

There are lawsuits being submitted based on ownership of stock decades ago. JMF is still getting named in foodleyfart lawsuits because he happened to own a particular stock decades ago.

Note: I'm going to start typing foodleyfart whenever I can't think of the correct word. It's happening too often to gloss over these days.

I wasn't trying to blame Enron, per se, but use it as an example. Jail time? Just a couple of people will pay that penalty. None of the underlings will pay anything even though they had to have helped support the infrastructure for that corruption. These workers will just move on to another job and start implementing the same rotten working styles at those places.

I have not tested it. I'll bet I cannot use a check drawn on a bank that was acquired by a Foo Bank, then Shawmut, to pay a bill (it's been bought out or merged four times). It would be interesting how far back numbering schemes are guaranteed to be unique.

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Dropped news connections happen all the time. I just don't see them; I let leafnode+ handle it for me with a retry. I...

This has a bug in it.

It can only work if the system automated...I would think. I ran into a retail person who would not take a certified bank check. Apparently, one bank allowed someone to withhold payment after purchase. That's what I was told.

Congress has been chipping away at the banking industry, mostly by removing checks and balances, IMO. Note I am not an expert and no nothing about economics.

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Morten Reistad) writes: Amen. They seem to have this idea that if you don't have the identical combination of hardware and software that they do, you're some sort of inferior being who's shirking...


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