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100,000 copies of Paralells sold 3096

100,000 copies of Paralells sold 3097
Sandman Why would you try to make that "clear?" BootCamp has to support hardware for Windows. It is the hardware...

You didn't. I just wanted to make it clear that BootCamp isn't something that has to support something.

Bootcamp doesn't support anything. It's a parbreastion program. It isn't something that has to support anything but the filesystem it is designed to parbreastion. It has nothing to do with driver support for Windows.

When you implied that Bootcamp, the parbreastioning program, was the place to look to for support for the hardware. It isn't. Bootcamps doesn't provide support for anything.

Yeah, the drivers - that have nothing to do with BootCamp - are probably in beta. Have you heard anything about "stuff" not working? I haven't.

Well, the apple remote isn't supported, but since it's only function is to turn on Frontrow, that's a given, since Windows doesn't have frontrow.

Plus, if you knew about something else, you would tell me.

I'm not overlooking it. I'm ignoring it since it's not a real complaint. You're acting as if beta software were something new.

Or, you want to run Windows, but want to do it on a Mac.

The answer is above.

Style is subjective. How can it be wrong?


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100,000 copies of Paralells sold 3097

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100,000 copies of Paralells sold 3095