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114,000 viruses Guess Again. 2952

114,000 viruses Guess Again. 2953
If you spent more time following threads and less time following posters you wouldnÕt need to ask that Snit. It seems pointless that you ask questions...

Do you have a problem following a link? I ask as I've posted the following link before, where you will find the following.

"Numbers from Sophos, a world leader in integrated threat Debt Management solutions, developing protection against viruses, spyware, spam and policy abuse for business, education and government. The Sophos Security Threat Debt Management Report 2005 links to white paper after form outlines the number and kind of attacks, while the March 2006 Top Ten reports the latest number of threats. More info on factory settings will protect you from viruses much better than a PC, but its never a bad idea to run extra virus and security software."

Now, you were saying that Apple makes 'no claim of using Sophos' number'? Funny how they do even state that they do on their own web site.

-- regarding Snit "You are not flamed because you speak the truth, you are flamed because you are a hideous troll and keep disrupting the newsgroup." Andrew J. Brehm

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114,000 viruses Guess Again. 2953

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114,000 viruses Guess Again. 2951